Law Office of John B. Hudak, PLLC
Law Office of John B. Hudak, PLLC

Practice Areas


When you are in a conflict, our law firm can help you protect your rights related to patents, trademarks, or copyrights. We can help you on either side of a lawsuit—plaintiff or defendant. 

Obtaining a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright

Obtaining a patent, trademark, or copyright each have their unique place as a crucial asset for protecting your intellectual property. Our law firm aligns your business goals with a strategy developed by our law firm to help you protect your intellectual property. 

Patent Searches and Opinions

You can use our law firm to search for other patents or trademarks in existence, which will indicate the likelihood of you being able to gain protection for your idea. Our law firm can also provide a written opinion about issues such as: validity, non-infringement, and freedom to operate. 

Additional Practices

In additional to your intellectual property needs, our law firm can help you with civil litigation, licensing, transactions, and contracts—related to your business. We will also co-counsel with other law firms or perform contract work for other law firms.