Simple Will - $600 

  • A simple will is used for declaring who is the beneficiary of assets or requesting a guardian of a minor child after death. A complicated will usually includes a trust related to that will. The pricing for a complicated will is determined when bundled with a trust (trust pricing coming soon). 

Basic Definition of a Will

A will is a document which a person uses to give instructions for others to follow after he or she dies. Commonly, a person uses a will to give instructions on how their property should be given away after he or she dies. In addition to instructions about property, the person can also give instructions about who should be the guardian of their children or how they would like to be buried. 

What Information is Included in Your Will

A will has information about: (a) the person for whom the will distributes their property after death; (b) the property to be distributed; (c) the people designated to receive a disbursement after death; (d) what each person should receive as a disbursement of property; and (e) the name, address, and signature of the two (2) witnesses to the will.

Go to the Will Client Intake Questions Page (here), to view a list of questions which if answered, can serve as the specific information included in your will.

How is a Will Used After a Person Dies

A person with a claim to the deceased person’s property files a probate action to have the probate court approve the use of the will to distribute property. 

What Happens If a Person Dies Without a Will

If a person dies without a will, then that person is said to have died intestate. The property of the person, who died intestate, is then be distributed based on the laws of Connecticut.